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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

March 21, 2013

I have been inspired to make a 30 before 30 list; it hasn’t been fully thought up yet and honestly I’m not sure I’ll be publicly sharing it.   It is supposed to be fun and I don’t want to heap guilt on myself if it doesn’t all get done.  I will however be sharing certain things/projects on the list hence todays post.

I have always wanted to send some hair to Locks of Love and celebrating the last year of my twenties seemed like a great time to do it!  So I went to the salon and heard the dreaded word “bob”.  I was not prepared to get a bob cut ha ha, I had thought my hair was long enough to keep it around shoulder length but alas that wasn’t the case 🙂  I took the plunge though and I am so happy with it!  It’s kind of exciting too ya know?!  It’s totally new to me!  and I also get to share my hair with someone 🙂


















May 8, 2011

This week I am hoping to take part in the KCWC event,  that is Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Everyone is encouraged to sew 1 hour a day on clothes for their children.  We’ll see how it goes, I’ve got a lot of projects in the hopper but I’m probably going to be able to finish one or two realistically.  I love seeing clothing that i’ve made on my kids, it is such a thrill!

Here are some pjs I made for Ellie out of a cute vintage pillowcase.  I made my own pants pattern from a pair of her jeans and used this for the top.  I love the way they came out, I’ll definitely be making more.

Creative Party Idea

April 1, 2011

I wanted to come up with something special and personal we could do for Ellie during her party so I decided to have a guest book of sorts.  I thought I’d invite everyone to write a note for Ellie and drop it into a jar, then Joey came up with the clever idea of having everyone write on a deck of cards.  In the following days after the party we filled in the rest of the cards with different memories from her birthday and moments from our first year with her, as well as things going on in the world…popular movies, price of gas etc.  I hope it will be something she treasures forever.

some of my favorite cards:

When asked “what do you like about Ellie?”…Jude: “I love her big”

Your cousin John was very concerned you didn’t eat all your B-day cake

You love to dance (rock) to music!

Ellie…loves playing with the books on the bookshelf…favorite word: “uh oh”…yells when tickled…always hums while she eats…is a very happy baby

A Long Time Coming

March 30, 2011

Call me crazy but I started planning Ellie’s 1st birthday party as soon as I found out I was having her!  That’s right, we hadn’t even picked her name yet when I decided to have an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.

After my ultrasound we went to the local mall and I was drawn towards everything girly.  I found this cute kid size baking set and was dreaming about baking with my little girl when these great muffin cups caught my attention.  They were red with white polka dots and I immediately started having visions of a queen of hearts/alice tea party for her birthday (a mere year and 5 months in the future).  Ultimately I abandoned the red and white color scheme but those baking cups started a journey for me that culminated in a really cute, super fun birthday for my sweet Ellie.

I am a little obsessive when it comes to party planning.  Growing up we always had a theme for birthday parties. One year my mom made each of my guests mini round cakes (ahead of time) and we decorated them together as our activity!  So fun, I guess I can thank my mom for my obsession huh? thanks mom!  I also love checking out sites like this and this for party planning inspiration.  Last summer my sis-in-law and I came up with a joint party theme for her daughter (and coincidentally my niece) and my son Jude.  Their birthdays are a week apart so we decided to double the fun for their 2 year old birthdays.  She blogged about that awesome party (if I do say so myself) here.

So on to my party details.  I stayed with the Alice in Wonderland theme but I decided on a different color scheme and decided it would be more like a garden tea party.  My colors were white and yellow, I wanted it to be light and airy.  It was a small family party at our house but there are seven kids so we kept busy.  The food was made by myself, my mom, mom in law, sis, and great grandma…love my family.  Now for some pictures!

Ellie's cake and the frosting was made from scratch, I opted for a box mix for the cupcakes. The table cloth was a thrifted $2 queen flat sheet

Food Spread: Tea sandwiches, veggies and dip, deviled eggs, fruit salad with homemade waffle cups, and cupcakes, we also had some soup simmering in the kitchen. Again, so thankful for my family helping make the food.

An artsy angle of the food. My hubby can make anything look great in pictures! even those paper plates lol!

Found that Alice drawing online and I printed it on cardstock and put it into a frame I already owned...she is holding a vile that says drink me. So this was my beverage table with peach ice tea and ice water (I love adding lemon and cucumber slices it's really refreshing).


Glass pedestal belongs to my mom, I cut out Alice pictures I found online and hot glued them to toothpicks, the tea pot is actually a candle warmer.

This giant chess set belongs to my dad and I asked him to bring it up so we could get a cute pic of Ellie...this is probably the best picture of the bunch as she was getting tired, and she got 3 teeth in during her birthday week. Can you tell?

Table at front entry with take home "Eat Me" sugar cookies. The clock was a wedding present and the runner and bunny were thrifted finds.

I am planning on doing a couple mini posts on some of the details not shared in the pictures later so stay tuned and thanks for checking out the party!

Friday’s Favorites

October 22, 2010

I will admit that I hate housework!  Since our move two months ago I have had the hardest time getting into a cleaning/laundry/dishes routine.  It’s hard cleaning up after 4 people, especially since we are without a dishwasher.  In recent years however, I’ve picked up some useful tips to make these tasks a little bit better and  I thought I’d share em.

Cleaning– I love to clean with natural ingredients….lemons, vinegar, and baking soda to name a few.  Here is the recipe to my favorite all purpose cleaner, and here are some more natural cleaning recipes.  I just bought some Clove essential oil for Fall and I’ll probably switch to Pine or Rosemary for Winter…mmm let the cleaning begin.

Laundry–  I found this handy chart awhile back that I find fabulous for proper stain treatment.  I just recently got some Bio-OX Concentrate from a friend and I’m loving it as my everyday pre-wash treatment.  Since it’s concentrated you can mix a solution to suit your needs around the house as well…light duty, all purpose, and heavy duty.

Dishes–  I try to do dishes during the day so I don’t end up with a mountain of them, but it does happen.  Sometimes my wonderful hubby jumps in to rescue me, but when the task fall on me I try to make it as nice as possible.  I turn on my IPod, plug in my Scentsy warmer, and lather my hands with lotion.  Ok that last one may sound weird but it’s really nice, you put on gloves like normal and then the heat from the water softens your hands while you wash!  I can’t remember where I heard about that but I think it’s a brilliant!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas, happy cleaning and please leave a comment with your favorite household tips!   I’d love to hear them.

A Long Pause

October 18, 2010

I’m back and hoping to be more consistent in my blogging.  I have been doing many projects in the last four months but just haven’t gotten around to writing about them.  My family has undertaken a big move this summer, our fifth in 3 years, however I am happy to say that we are now settled and will be staying put for the foreseeable future.

I’d like to share some little house projects we’ve been doing as well as my sewing…that is if they ever get finished!  My hubby and I are without a dresser while we repaint our craigslist find.  Our DIY high has plummeted as we’ve hit some snags but i’m really excited to see our hard work pay off in a really cool piece.

P.S. I love the paint color I chose for this dresser! It’s almost done and I can’t wait to reveal it…coming soon.

Asking for Your Vote

May 6, 2010

Wedding Cake Tank by Kate

I am pleased to announce that my Wedding Cake tank has made the cut!  Please make your way over to Made by Rae to cast your vote.

My top is one of sixty being featured this week (over 200 tops were submitted).  If my top wins today it will go on to the finals!